Taking Care of the Forest

Taking Care of the Forest

Did you know that forestry in Ontario involves the input of a wide range of professionals, including biologists and foresters, to make sure that wildlife habitat and water quality are properly cared for?

All users of the forest, such as tourist outfitters, campers and hikers, are involved in management decisions to make sure that what is important to them is recognized and maintained. Trees are only harvested once these other values are considered. These trees then become the products we use every day. When you buy wood products from Ontario you can know you are making a responsible choice.

Professionals foresters play an important role in taking care of our forests. Provincial law requires that any trees that are cut on public land requires a forest management plan, approved by professional foresters, who help to balance the needs of people today and tomorrow. With over 80 percent of Ontario being public land, professional foresters have an important job to do. To find out more about professional foresters visit the Ontario Professional Foresters Association.

Private landowners also place high value in the management of their woodlots and represent some of the best caretakers in Ontario. In central and southern Ontario, there are also significant areas of private forests owned by municipalities, often referred to as County Forests. These forests are managed in a sustainable way to provide many benefits. Many of these forests, as well as private land forests, are certified to indicate that they are balancing economic, ecological and social values.

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