Community Spotlight

McRae Lumber Company

The McRae Lumber Company has always had a special connection with Algonquin Park, from our very first timber limits that predated the creation of the Park to having two separate sawmills setup within the Park.

The first being at Lake of Two Rivers from 1933 -1942 and another on Whitefish Lake from 1957-1980. The company is currently operated by the 5th generation of the McRae family and is located in the town of Whitney. The company operates two sawmills and a wood chip plant and employs 65 people. All of the wood for the mill comes from the Algonquin Park forest (about 90%) and the Bancroft Minden Forest (10%).

McRae Lumber is also steadfastly committed to sustainable forestry. We are passionate about the health of the forest and believe that through proper forest management the sustainably harvested forest can support the three pillars (economic, recreation, environment) integral to a thriving community, park and province.