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The It Takes a Forest awareness initiative (ITAF) began in 2016 as a grassroots billboard campaign in the Ottawa Valley. Since then, Forests Ontario has worked with local partners to develop the ITAF initiative – a collaborative of local, like-minded individuals and organizations with the common goal of providing the public with unbiased, fact-based information on Ontario’s forest resources. The billboard network has now expanded across the province with 35 signs and support from over 45 organizations.  

The billboards encompass a range of consistent, publicly accessible forestry topics, highlighting the values supported by forests and forestry, such as stable employment, improved water quality, wildlife conservation, and the carbon benefits associated with wood products. Fact-based messaging is used to build awareness for sustainable forestry in Ontario and directly address misconceptions of forestry.    

This initiative also builds on our existing wood partners network, amplifying the promotion of wood as our greenest and only renewable building material.  

The current and future It Takes a Forest billboard network would not be possible without the support of local sponsors, organizations, municipalities, and individuals who started things off: